Black Friday the Aftermath

The most anticipated retail weekend of the year has passed!!! And if you are reading this, you survived this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A phenomenon which in recent years is new to the UK, after being introduced following years of success in the US. This year an estimated $4 billion was spent in the US while over £3.5 billion was spent in the UK.


Traditionally Black Friday gives consumers the opportunity to make huge savings on a variety of products from cosmetics to fridge freezers and everything in-between. But the UK consumers are adapting to the event faster than those in the US, rather than face the crowds the majority of UK consumers went online to grab their bargains, and the UK retailers delivered with multiple and varying offers.


Here’s a few that grabbed my attention and sadly my cash;

River Island; 20% off everything 5pm – 8am, 50% off 50+ styles

ASOS; 20% off everything

Topshop; up to 50% off

BOOHOO; up to 50% off


This year I loved to see how big brands where pushing their offers through their social media platforms, it made identifying the offers available from different stores so convenient and now with the apps available for most online stores, my shopping experience was idyllic. This Black Friday I shopped in my pjs, from my bed, I did not have to be elbowed or shoved, wait in line or miss out on my sizes. Online shopping is blissful the only issue I have is the looks of judgement from my concierge who signs for my packages.



While I got the items I had my eye on, from talking to my friends they weren’t as impressed with online retailers, the more recent stock in certain stores that was 50% off almost immediately went to “sold out” in all sizes, which is suspicious in itself, this made me question can these big brands be trusted to really offer the best deals in flash sales or are they just trying to offload old stock which didn’t sell at the original price point?


I am a creature of habit, and as I am plus size I know which stores cuts and shapes, fit and suit. My friends don’t even ask where my clothes are from as 99.9% of the time they are River Island, its official I am addicted, and subsequently very broke, but I try and be clever about it, I wait and see when the offers are coming, buy simple pieces which will last through seasons and most importantly I mind them!!! I had all the items I had my eye on in my wishlist so it only took a minute or too to transfer them to my cart and complete my order. Here’s my purchases;



So for next year to get ahead of the corporate giants my advice is;

  • Make a plan or list so you know exactly what you need, what size etc.
  • Know the original price of items so you can tell if you are actually getting a good deal.
  • Look into the return policies, just in case you make a mistake.
  • If you are buying presents, make sure they are right as exchange policies may not get you to Christmas.
  • Know what you want and know the sizes you need.
  • And last but not least don’t forget to treat yourself after all its Christmas!!


What did you purchase this year??

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