A Jack of all trades and yet a master of none? How I came to the University of Greenwich.

When I was 19 and still wet behind the ears I moved to Brighton to train to be a nurse. It lasted a year, and I had a ball! However, my studies took a back seat, now I can see it was because I didn’t know what or who I wanted to be, and my heart wasn’t truly in it. So, after the dreaded results were issued, I was quickly summoned home with my tail between my legs. When I was in school my favourite subjects where Business, Maths and English so it seemed a more natural step when I went on to Limerick Institute of Technology to study Marketing and Management where I also had a ball, but balanced the good times with more time in the library and earned and honours degree.


It was when I was on my J1 in New York in the summer of 2015 (more on this in another post), working in an Irish pub chatting to my new friends who were at that time at a crossroad in their lives, coming to the end of their graduate visas, considering their next step in their professional lives, I had a moment of blind panic, what the hell am I doing next??? I was about to enter my last year in my degree programme, and as much as I loved marketing, it’s a broad field, I knew I needed to specialise so the thinking-hat was well and truly on.


First and foremost, when choosing to continue with education and enter a master’s programme you need to be aware of one thing, they cost a small fortune, and not I’ll manage to work part time and work studying around it fortune, like sell your kidney and pray to St. Jude kind of fortune. I’m extremely lucky my parents have always got my back and make the sacrifices to ensure my brother and I never go without.


So, you have the money somewhat figured out, now what do you want to do and where do you want to do it? My brother has lived in London for five years, and through visiting him I became obsessed with this city. Its culture, architecture, food and fashion I knew it was the place for me. The next step for me choosing a subject field. I didn’t dive directly at PR instead I thought what I wanted from a career. I knew I wanted to be based in London with the possibility of travel, I wanted every day to be different and challenge me. I enjoy working in fast pace environment which require you to think on your feet. I love working in a team and meeting new people. My phone is always glued to my hand, I’m active on almost all social media platforms, I love writing but until recently never dared show anyone any of it. My main academic interest was how brands and influencers control their reputation and manage their relationships with other brands and influencers, and how they interact with their publics. Add all that together and I knew communications was my passion so I began to research Public Relations.


The University of Greenwich was one of the two universities that caught my eye, but when I visited the campus, it made up my mind immediately. So, I applied and thought I hadn’t a hope in hell and put it to the back of my mind and got on with my final year in LIT. Then when I got my results in June and sent them on to Greenwich it took another month before I got the acceptance emails, and I royally freaked out. So I worked as much as could during the summer to save as much as possible and on the 15th of September I got the boat over with my parents. We drove because I have too much crap, we also drove to Brighton back in the day, what can I say I’m a hoarder. The story will continue in a future blog post., stay tuned.

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