How to ensure your empty foundation bottles, are empty; “The every drop beauty spatula”.

Like most make-up addicts I’m predominately broke yet surrounded by a sea of palettes and lipsticks, I have gathered through the years. I’m the girl with no shame, I cut the plastic tubes and get every, last penny out. I even have a lunch box that I put the last of pressed and translucent powders in. I couldn’t get any more basic, or could I?


The only container I could not fully empty were my glass foundation bottles. I tried it all cotton buds, the ends of make-up brushes, nothing really worked without making a huge mess. So, I did like the best of them, and googled.



Low and behold I found the answer to my problem on amazon, “The every drop beauty spatula”, I ordered it and it came and I legit think this is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. However, it’s not the sturdiest of items so unless you want a stick that cost you £10 be gentle. I have used the L’Oréal infallible foundation for a few years and now that I think of how many “empty” bottles I have thrown away I’m kicking myself. In my opinion definitely worth investing in, I even got around an extra week or two out of my empty bottles.

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