How to be prepared when starting universities with a learning disability.

  • If you’re just applying make sure and put it on your application, in my experience it doesn’t hold you back, and the sooner the uni know, the sooner they can help you.


  • It helps to have a report from your school to outline what help you’ve had in the past, it will usually act as a guide for the Uni.


  • Make sure your physiological assessments are valid and in-date, as if you need a new one it will take time to get appointments and they are expensive.


  • If you know where you’re going, reach out to the support centre in advance to try and be organised.


  • There are usually Facebook groups at the university or maybe just in general for applying with learning disability.


  • Have your appointments organised in advance and don’t expect to be accommodated a week before exams go week one!!!


  • Get a diary so you can keep track of your appointments no one likes it when you turn up late or miss one.


  • Know your strengths and weaknesses where you need extra help so that you can maximise your meetings.


  • What style of help matches with your course?


  • As awkward as it is, go up to your lecturers introduce yourself and explain you have a learning disability and you just wanted to let you know at the start of the course. This is probably the most important one because your relationship with your lecturer is really important.



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