My journey through uni!!!

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I’m dyslexic and I also have ADHD which makes me fidgety and very very giddy at times, I even got kicked out of class a few weeks ago at the tender age of 26, legit Peter Pan syndrome right here folks ✋


I’ve been to my fair share of colleges 4 to be precise and I’m finallllllly on the home stretch. Thank god!!!!


When I was in secondary school I had no notion what I wanted to do, my mum was on about nursing all my friends were on about nursing so I said I’d give it a go. Long story short not for me.


But I also didn’t go about it the traditional route, I went to Central College Limerick first to do a pre-nursing Fetac course and really loved it there. The staff there are amazing and don’t treat you like school kids so you get the college experience and it prepares you if you want to continue on with more education after the course. There’s plenty of help if you need it and there’s no such thing as a stupid question and if your slacking they’ll know and remind you to get your arse in gear but in supportive way.




I then went on to the University of Brighton to start a diploma in adult nursing, I had been to Brighton a lot because my brother was already in Uni there. I love Brighton it’s an amazing city in general but to be a student there is a dream. It’s a party city and there’s so much to do there away from that as well, I was on the Gaelic Ladies Football team and joining societies like that is a great way to meet new people. The course had a great group of people on it and I made lots of friends there as well.


However very soon after I got to Brighton I realised I was way in over my head, I’d gone from 30 people in a class to sometimes 200 hundred or more. I was TERRRRIBLE at science in school and lived in fear at classes relating to it, which was most of them. I loved my placements as I learn really well by doing and have always been a good little worker so was never afraid to get stuck in.




I didn’t meet with the learning support team which is my own fault, I put it off and off cause there were parties on or lunches to be had. And after a year it came back to bite me as when I got my exam results there was no way to appeal on being dyslexic as they never knew. So, I packed up my stuff and came home.


What to do now? What was the next step? I was very confused / miserable / at a crossroads. So, my mum took me to see a career advisor in Adare in Limerick and he was brilliant. I had to do some tests and he determined my strengths and interests were in business. So, I then began researching and one of my good friends was going into her third year in Marketing and Management at Limerick Institute of Technology and was really enjoying her course and more importantly was able to tell me the ins and outs. Like how you had assignments throughout the year and each were worth a percentage of your end of year grade rather than the exams being 100%


So, I applied and got in and had a brilliant four years and made lifelong friends. I did it a little differently though as I applied for the level 6 originally and then progressed so that after second, third and fourth year each time I graduated so that I was secure in receiving some sort of qualification rather than it all going to hell again.




The lectures were all amazing and really seemed to care about the students and as a small enough college everyone new everyone. The learning support team were absolutely brilliant and as I fell through brackets, as apparently, I’m only a little bit dyslexic according to the external assessor they were able to guide me and highlight what’s available to me and they would check up on me every few weeks and if I was feeling overwhelmed or just wanted a chat about my progress I could always just pop in to them and be reassured.


I do genuinely think it’s because of the support from the friends I made and the lectures that I passed everything over the four years and graduated with a 2.1, I could not recommend LIT enough!!




So, then I got the mad notion to do a Master’s degree and packed up everything again (I know my poor dad) and came back to England this time to beautiful Greenwich in London. From my time at LIT I knew I was really interested in PR and there was only Dublin Institute of Technology doing a course in it at home. I didn’t want to go to DIT for two reasons, firstly my undergraduate degree was from an institute and I had got the notion I wanted a master’s degree to be from a University, secondly, Dublin is so bloody expensive I may as well give London a go as it’ll end up costing the same.




So, I looked at the uni itself, the course outline, their YouTube testimonials and reviews from alumni. They had two electives I was really interested in Financial PR and Celebrity Branding.


I applied and somehow got in and was delighted that there was only 10 of us on the course, as this was great for me and the way I learn and it also meant you couldn’t really zone out. However, the modules I had looked forward to were dropped from the course we were all disappointed but over the year I feel I have learnt a lot theory wise as the course is predominantly targeted at that and on my placements I have picked up more practical skills.


The majority of the lectures here are brilliant and they get in a lot of guest lectures who break the routine of regular classes and give loads of in-depth industry insight. We got to go on some interesting field trips to companies like Reward Gateway and Weber Shandwick. They were very supportive of my health and learning issues here and it’s not really like when studying my undergraduate degree as while they are still your lectures it’s more of a causal relationship as they know you chose to study further for yourself and don’t tend to smother you too much. I can’t even begin to describe the friends I’ve made on this course, its genuinely like I’ve known them my entire life, some of the best people I’ve ever met.




I have one assignment left to submit and then I need to write my thesis over the summer and I’m finished and unless I need to go back for my job in the future I am so done with studying as I am not an academic I consider myself more creative, and while students get crap for living the good life I find uni really stressful and exhausting and in general it just withers me 😂 I am so ready and genuinely really excited for my next chapter and to start working ❤❤

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