Welcome to my blog, it is a bit bare at the moment as this is a new endeavour for me, so please try and stick it out with me.

I plan to use this blog to document my first year in the UK and give my opinion on currently trending topics.

My name is Ann Ita Ryan and I am currently studying my Masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at the University of Greenwich. I moved to London especially for the course and so far I love both.

The University of Greenwich Campus at night overlooking Canary Wharf

I’m originally from County Tipperary in Ireland but went to secondary school and college (Uni) in Limerick, and two years ago my parents retired to County Clare where we always holidayed as a family, all three counties have a piece of my heart and I love to visit each when I get to go home.

Coastal views from County Clare

I have one older brother who also lives in London, and the majority of my school friends  are all now scattered across England’s south east, which has so far given me the opportunity to travel and see more of the country.